Tim Chafin


 Based in our Washington, DC office, A highly  successful turnaround expert and change agent with a track record of  transforming and managing inpatient and outpatient operations. Tim has  earned a reputation as the "go to" leader for rejuvenating  underperforming departments and turning around major strategic  initiatives that were in trouble. With in-depth knowledge of all aspects  of hospital operations, Tim is a collaborative clinical and business  leader who sets accountabilities and drives for results. 

Daryl Ard


 Based in our Houston office, where he specializes in leading, motivating and mentoring individuals through all phases of Change Management and Process Improvement initiatives. Daryl continuously strives  to develop strategic relationships in order to foster a strong  foundation for change. Equipping organizations with the right tools to  lead and sustain ongoing strategic efforts. 

Todd Griggs


 For almost two decades, Todd Griggs has helped  clients across industries realize sustainable, breakthrough results.  Todd integrates experience in engineering, information technology,  process improvement and change management with business acumen,  empowering teams to achieve rapid success. Most importantly, Todd's  ability to quickly grasp and assess all components of a complex  engagement ensures that client resources and energies are invested in  addressing "the right problems" - the issues and opportunities capable  of delivering the most significant quality and financial improvements. 

Vinh Ngo


 Based in our Houston office, an accomplished  Information Technology Professional with demonstrated success in  designing and implementing software and database solutions that improve  business functionality. Vinh possess both technical and personal skills  that have directly affect project success. Vinh has a proven ability to  implement software solutions that increase performance, efficiency,  customer satisfaction, while decreasing costs. 

Dave Hoppe


Based in our Houston office, with over 25 years’ experience in areas as solution architecture, software engineering, knowledge management, project management, and real-time command and control, David is an exceptionally creative and innovative thinker consistently delivering novel solutions exceeding expectations. Highly adaptable and strategic minded - recognizing future potential – David is passionate in identifying process inefficiencies and positing technological solutions. 

Bob Warren, MD PHD MPH


  A nationally recognized pediatric rheumatologist  and Chief Medical Information Officer, Bob designs and delivers tailored  medical informatics solutions in close partnership with colleagues and  clients.   Epic and ITIL certified, and also a Baldrige Quality Award  National Examiner, Bob integrates institutional goals with EHR  functionality, clinical workflows and medical record legal and  regulatory requirements. Bob has served as CMIO for more than twenty  years at major academic centers, and now shares his expertise more  broadly through LNV.